added changelog section, updated diary, added more graphics


changed the font, added more buttons and graphics - including a webneko for people to play with :), and added an email. click the my email blinkie to send me things. special thanks to cecelia for helping me with font stuff. his button is also in my neighbor section! along with a couple other people who im mutuals on here with who had buttons :). if you havent checked them out you should.

added emotion section in right sidebar, will change depending on my mood or how ive been doing the past week or so. i guess i also added the right sidebar lol.

more has happened lol. added additional top bar linking to art, diary, changes, and two new tabs im working on, fun and the guestbook. if i had to guess the guestbook is going to be up by the end of the day. if not ill edit this again.
ok another thing happened. i added a guest counter and the fun tab is... its a work in progress but it sure is working. there is stuff on there. thats pretty much it though and i need to stop touching it haha.


worked on the basil shrine page, it isnt accessable yet but it will be put on the fun tab once i get that set up. updated diary.


added basil button to fun tab. uploaded some new art. changed emotion.


added to the fun tab, new shrines in progress and more graphics. made some unique buttons. updated diary, like the whole thing. its now separated into different sections and the home diary page has new blinkies and graphics


updated diary


added a credits and links page, added more graphics to different pages, made a system page that's connected to the diary tab, if you wanna see who else is in my system thats going to be the place to look.


updating snake shrine, adding more cat graphics, added more art and updated diary.


about to do a big graphics revamp. worked on the fun tab. new home button in progress, i just want to make new personal graphics for this site.